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Cynics. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
... by Antisthenes, a disciple of Socrates. The Cynics considered virtue to be the only good, not just ... and restriction of wants. The Cynics paraded their poverty, their antagonism to ...

THE CYNICS. ... infested, nitro burnin', retro 60's garage punk. The Cynics' head honcho and Get Hip Record label owner Gregg ... and new inductees to the Cynics, with new and modern rock heroes ...

Cynics [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
... Cynics. The Cynics are one of the minor Socratic schools ... 445-365 BCE), a follower of Socrates. The Cynics believed that living a virtuous life, which they also identified ...

The Devil's Dictionary
Ambrose Bierce's classic work.

The Cynics
... THE CYNICS rockin' the house for the sold out crowd in Madrid, Spain in April 2003 ... During THE CYNICS' second sold out Madrid show in January 2003, singer Michael ...

Wired News: Buy a Star, But It's Not Yours
Wired News. Wire service news & photos. Animations. Wired Magazine. HotBot (the Web) Buy a Star, But It's Not Yours. By Patrick Di Justo | Also by this reporterPage 1 of 2 next ». 02:00 AM Dec. 26, 2001 PT. Winona Ryder got one for Johnny Depp.

Antisthenes [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
... Cynosarges, hence his followers bore the name "Cynics". It is also argued that the followers were called Cynics from the habits of the school ...

Welcome To Get Hip
... In May 2002 THE CYNICS hooked up with ace producer/R&R spiritual counselor TIm Kerr in Austin, TX ... and they capture the energy and intensity of the Cynics live performances ...

The Cynics Corner
Archiving Five Years of. Cynics Corner Reviews. by David E. Sluss " Updated" 22 March 2003. Review Archive. Headlines. Season 4. Season 5. Season 6. Season 7. Season 6. Season 7. Assorted Reviews. Administrative Note ... I'm afraid that the Cynics Corner is currently in "archive-only" mode ...

[armchair cynics] - [armchair cynics] - [armchair cynics] - [armchair cynics] - [armchair cynics]
victoria bc music group band rock pop mp3 songs aran kenn coutu money song cd armchair cynics ... Power and Island Music awards gala at Legends this Sunday.100.3 the Q!'sRocktoriaM*Poweron-lineThornley. Armchair Cynics ...

Cynics, en IndyRock
Entrevista con Gregg Kostelich, en indyRock ... La expectación creada por Cynics en esta nueva visita a nuestro país crecía conforme iban arrasando locales a ... de su actuación en Madrid, Cynics atraían a un buen número de ...

The Cynics
... The Cynics/The Cynics Fanclub. c/o Get Hip ... split 7" with Frampton Brothers (Get Hip, 1992, GH-150) The Cynics: I Got You Babe ...

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