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Crispus Attucks Cultural Center
The Attucks Theatre. The Attucks Theatre was financed, designed and constructed by African American entrepreneurs in 1919. ... The theatre was named in honor of Crispus Attucks, an African American who was the first patriot to ... The Crispus Attucks Cultural Center, Inc. ( CACC), a non-profit organization, is ...

Crispus Attucks
Crispus Attucks. By: Matt T. Crispus Attucks was a slave. He was born in 1723 in Framingham, Massachusetts. He ran away to Boston at the age of 27.

Welcome to Crispus Attucks Association Inc.
... Crispus Attucks Association, Inc ... Copyright 2001 - 2003 Crispus Attucks Association, Incorporated ...

Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
Crispus Attucks. picture courtesy of the national archives NAIL database. By: Robert & Jaron. Crispus Attucks was born in 1723 and died on the night of March 5,1770. He became the first martyr of the American Revolution.

The Murder of Crispus Attucks (Reason): American Treasures of the Library of Congress
American Treasures of the Library of Congress: Reason (The Murder of Crispus Attucks). On the night of March 5, 1770, five citizens of Boston died when eight British soldiers fired on a large and ... The Murder of. Crispus Attucks. The Trial of William Wemms ... for the Murder of Crispus Attucks . . . Boston: J. Fleeming, 1770 ...

Welcome to Crispus Attucks Association Inc.
Associate Director. Board President. Crispus Attucks. Executive Director. Facilities & Art Gallery. Membership. Operation Hours . 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. Crispus Attucks was born in 1723.

Crispus Attucks
... Crispus Attucks. THE CRISPUS ATTUCKS THEATRE : NEW ACT FOR A HISTORIC VENUE.(SPECIAL) ( The Virginian Pilot)Attorney Crispus Attucks Wright Named Honorary USC Trustee ...

1995-2002. Hey there. If you didn.t know already, Crispus Attucks, the band, is dead now too.

Africans in America/Part 2/Crispus Attucks
... In 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution when he ... of the victims." A "Crispus Attucks Day" was inaugurated by black abolitionists ...

Crispus Attucks
Crispus Attucks. 1723?-1770. Introduction. Historian George W. Williams in History of the Negro Race in America described the Boston Massacre as "the bloody drama that opened the most eventful and thrilling chapter in American history." ... die in the massacre was a runaway slave turned sailor, Crispus Attucks. His death has forever linked his name with the ...

Crispus Attucks (1723-1770)
First to die in American Revolution, at Boston Massacre, escaped slave, Framingham, Mass. ... Die in the American Revolution", the life of Crispus Attucks is as controversial as the debates historians engage in ...

The Boston Massacre - Crispus Attucks - African-American History Through the Arts
... died later of their wounds, among the victims was Crispus Attucks, a man of black or Indian parentage. Many historian believe that Crispus Attucks was the same man who in ...

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