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The next conquering of Cornpie , YOUR TV SET!!! Critics say: "...almost as entertaining as finding out your friend's been shitting in his locker." This is a site dedicated to the long lost lords of rock & roll and crappy punk music. ... If you like Cornpie this page won't help you much ... am here to tell you that The Cornpie Family TM ... a new direction in The Cornpie project. This direction is ...

World Wide Punk: Punk Bands - Directory of Punk/Hardcore bands on The Net
Directory on punk bands on the Internet. Here you will find over 1000 punk band sites all over the world!

Punk Portal - Der Internet-Wegweiser - Bands C
... swing-punk-rock. Cornpie Hats. Corn Doggy Dog ... :: bands
... Corn Doggy Dog. Corndogg. Cornflakes. CornPie Hats. Corporate Authority. Corrosive 8 ...

The Abandoned Nutsack " Mock-shock-rock band from Louisiana" abbreviated. life. expectancy." A crazy band, with tons of crazy songs, and really cheap merchandise. The page is soon to have plenty of hilarious sections and funny contests as well...

Punk Rock World - Punk Band Link (C)
... Cornpie Hats. Were an Eastern Washington fucked up band created before the clash ...

... Cornfed #1. Cornpie Hats--- Cornpie Hats #1. Cornwall, Hugh - "Another Kind Of Love" 3:30 (Wolf/CMJ: Certain Damage Volume ...

FBM News
6/9/2004 ---- Props road fools 13 is underway, and Chris Rye from Props already pulled a hamstring, trying to peg wheelie on Derek Nelson's bike. The trip is in the Early stages, but we've hit up some cool shit so far. ... for a couple of stiff moments, and seeing murph and stauff from dead memory laugh about cornpie made it all worth while ...

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