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Spitting Llamas : He said, she said: Connie vs Condit
News, editorials, current events, and satire. ... Remember Connie Dumb? In 1994 she sat across from Newt Gringrich's mother and talked to her about her ... on August 28, 2001 10:30 PM. Connie Dung reports again, ...

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MP-509 CONNIE DUNGS "Neptune"
I'm not sure whether this album is better than the Connie Dungs' killer debut (MP-505). Toss a coin, buy one, get addicted, buy the other. Sage advice. ... to describe Brandon Dung's voice. It truly is one-of-a-kind. Once you hear The Connie Dungs and know ... you will never mistake a Connie Dungs song for any other ... :: bands
... Condition Red. Conflict. Connerys. Connie Dung. Contender. Converge. Cool Like Me ...

... ¤ncrdibl~¤~dibls. Reporter: Connie Dung. 3/18/2004 ... This is Connie Dung reporting from west coast. ...

... PRESSE AUSSENDUNG - FALUN-GONG AUSTRIA - 23.01.2001. Frau Connie Chipkar, eine 61 jńhrige kanadische ... vor der chinesischen Botschaft in Wien hat auch Frau Connie Chipkar teilgenommen ...

THE CONNIE DUNG'S NEW RELEASE!!! Yes! Finally! Its ready to pre-order!! The Connie Dung's newest realese (I'll have the cover scan soon). Its brand new with all new stuff!!!

connie chung-dung is dumped by cnn
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Note to the Free Republic Honchos:
White Water. Note to the Free Republic Honchos: february 26edlinn. To Jim Robinson, Connie et al, et al: ... A CALL TO RUSH BY CONNIE would perhaps be best of all ... beginning to feel a little heat (see the Dung Pile's typically straddling statement today) why not give the ...

... The Connie Dung's split EP with Tugboat was their first album that wasn't self-realsed ...

I'm having a ConNiPtioN fit
Jake @ 03/25/2003 22:35: Jake @ 03/25/2003 22:37: Jake @ 03/25/2003 22:36:

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