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Co-Dependents Anonymous
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29/12/2002 Starter Package Co-Dependents Anonymous Canada. Page 2 of 22Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous. Enclosed is a Starter Package, which will assist you in starting and conducting CoDA meetings in your. area.
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Co-Dependents album reviews, courtesy of ... The Co-Dependents is sort of a Calgary super-group; a whose who in the roots scene in ... Cowsill (of the Cowsills), the Co-Dependents go for a trip down ...

Co-Dependents Anonymous Home Page
Official site of Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA©) a 12 step program of recovery. ... Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy ... by volunteers in 12th-step service to CoDA! Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc ...

Co-Dependents. This Calgary band has been together for four years. Billy Cowsill was a lead singer for the legendary 60's pop group The Cowsills of 'Hair' Fame. He has one of the great voices in rock and roll music. ... Bass) have been playing together since 1978! The Co-Dependents play a mix of originals and all the greatest ...

CoDA Newcomers Page
Official site of Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA©) a 12 step program of recovery. ... Copyright © 1998 Co-Dependents Anonymous, Incorporated and its licensors - All Rights Reserved ...

SEE Magazine: January 23, 2003
... Lean on me. The Co-Dependents collective experience cements a solid musical foundation ... Calgary will be part of a highly anticipated appearance by the Co-Dependents this Friday ...

The Co-Dependents - Billy Cowsill, Steve Pineo, Tim Leacock, Ross Watson
The band that has Calgary indie lovers buzzing with excitement. Made up of four talented Calgarians, the Co-Dependents choose to play for fun, rather than pursuing the 'big time'. Recorded a CD in... Visit the Official Co-Dependents Website. Billy Cowsill & The Co-Dependents CD ...

archive of music content from JAM! Showbiz ... left arms for not getting tickets to the Co-Dependents' show at Festival Place a few months back ... Running with it, the Co-Dependents' CD is one of the most ...

The Co-Dependents all about fun
The Co-Dependents all about fun Beneath the Arch Concert Series presents its final concert of the 2002/2003 season. These 16 tracks stunningly captu ... Mike Stack will appear with The Co-Dependents at Turner Valley's Flare n' Derrick Community Hall on March 22. The Co-Dependents are four talented Calgary musicians who ...

Indelible Music - The Co-Dependants
... indeliblemusicinc. Presents. THE CO-DEPENDENTS. LIVE Recording Event. THE CO-DEPENDENTS. LIVE Recording Event ...

Co-Dependents anonymous
We share with one another in the hopes of solving our common problem and helping others to recover. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and fulfilling relationships with others and ourselves.

Finding Co-Dependents Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings
This is a resource page to help people to find Co-Dependents Anonymous and Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families meetings in their local area. ... Most of the inquiries are about Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings (CoDA) but some are looking for Adult ... refer people to the official Co-Dependents Anonymous web site - which has ...

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