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rjwhite: *clone defects*
Runiongunionson (rjwhite) wrote,@ 2002-12-27 10:03:00. clone defects* Well, then. I'm not buying it. They've had their two-hour infomercial on CNN and I have a feeling that was their primary goal. ... Eventually the group wants to learn how to clone an adult, then "transfer the brain to the clone ...

clone defects ::
profile of detroit band the clone defects with profile, discography, picture, members, review ... or not, you've got to admit that the Clone Defects embody an old-school rock & roll ethic that's ... engineered virtually all of the Clone Defects recordings except for a couple ...

Clone Defects
This page moved somewhere else, it was NOT removed. Main URL: Sorry for the inconvenience, regards Evert.

The Clone Defects Offical Rock N Roll Homepage
Detroits best rock n roll band emerges from the sewers (not from the garages...) of detroit to bring you all the information you need. From band info, shows, poster art, MP3's, interviews, reviews...

The Clone Defects
... DiscographySingles. Clone Defects 7" (Tom Perkins Records/Addition Records, 1999, TPR 003/AR 003 ... mixed by Jim Diamond and The Clone Defects. Scissors Chop ...

... Click here to view photos from April 12th. The Clone Defects. The Clone Defects. The Clone Defects ...

The Daily Mississippian - Detroits Clone Defects hit Young Ave. Deli in Memphis
... Like The White Stripes, The Clone Defects are an outfit from the Motor City that play fresh and ... characterizes the Stripes. The Clone Defects are rock n' roll to the ...

from the rouge river of detroit....The Clone Defects
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Clone Defects
... The Clone Defects have come crashing out of the current Detroit rock n roll scene like a comet ... about town Tim Vulgar, the Clone Defects have earned quite a reputation ...

Shock Records - The Clone Defects
Title | Artist | Genre | Label | Song. The Clone Defects. Things To Do. For updates, when available, on The Clone Defects click here. Email this link to a friend. Discography. Contents . News . Artists . Releases . On Tour . Audio/Video .

SCENEPO1NTS - Clone Defects
... Album. Label. Zinestand. Clone Defects( 0 upcoming shows) ... Upcoming shows featuring Clone Defects : No shows scheduled at this time ...

... Click here to view photos from April 11th. The Clone Defects. The Clone Defects. The Clone Defects ...

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