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Search Result. Brick Layer Cake have the following releases: Call It A Day. LP CD. Touch and Go. Tragedy, Tragedy. LP CD. Touch and Go. | >

- [Brick Layer Cake. Call It a Day]
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... BRICK LAYER CAKE. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth EP (Ruthless) 1990 ... explain the cold shoulder given to Brick Layer Cake, the brilliant vehicle for Todd Trainer ...

musikkguiden - Brick Layer Cake
... Brick Layer Cake - Call It a Day (1991) Brick Layer Cake - Tragedy, Tragedy (1994) Brick Layer Cake - Whatchamacallit ...

Brick Layer on eBay
eBay offers great deals on items related to Brick Layer. ... BRICK LAYER-EMPIRE STATE BUIDING-1930, ends Jul-15 4:15 am PDT. ... BRICK LAYER CAKE - Call It A Day LP - Touch and Go, ends Jul-17 4:50 ...

Splendid Magazine reviews: Brick Layer Cake: Whatchamacallit
A review of Brick Layer Cake: 'Whatchamacallit'. ... there can be chaos, and that's what Brick Layer Cake (ex-Shellac drummer Todd Trainer) lacks the most ... In sum, Brick Layer Cake doesn't give you much to bite into ...

Shock Records - BRICK LAYER CAKE
Title | Artist | Genre | Label | Song. BRICK LAYER CAKE. Things To Do. For updates, when available, on BRICK LAYER CAKE click here. Email this link to a friend. Discography. Contents . News . Artists . Releases . On Tour . Audio/Video .

Brick Layer Cake - Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music
The premier site for independent music on the web. Downloadable and streaming music for those not satisfied with the stagnant world of popular music. ... In essence, Brick Layer Cake is and always has been Todd Trainer ... Touch and Go Records later included on the first Brick Layer Cake full-length, Call it a Day ...

brick layer cake Music - Buy Rare CDs and Vinyl Record Albums
BRICK LAYER CAKE music - buy rare CDs and used vinyl records albums. Hard to Find LPs, Out of Print CDs ... Brick Layer Cake Music - Buy Rare CDs and Vinyl Record Albums - Hard to Find CD's & Out of Print LPs ... Brick Layer Cake Lyrics | Brick Layer Cake Discography | MP3s ...

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official southern records web site - Brick Layer Cake
... US alternative rock band Brick Layer Cake is essentially the vision of one man - Rifle Sport, Breaking Circus ... first recordings under the Brick Layer Cake moniker were 1990's Eye For ...

... More about what I am looking for: "Girly girls." BRICK LAYER CAKEWhatchamacallitby Mark Tyndall ... of Shellacs Todd Trainer, Brick Layer Cake certainly sounds like its moniker ...

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