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Blood On The Saddle
Blood On The Saddle. ( 1984 NewAlliance Records) Track Listing coming soon ... NOTES: You get the feeling that the members of Blood On The Saddle listened to a collection of ... a full-length album, Blood On The Saddle runs barely 25 minutes ...

Blood on the Saddle
... NEW BLOOD" BLOOD ON THE SADDLE began as a musical idea in the summer of 1981 ... their debut LP "Blood On The Saddle" was released on the New Alliance ...

Blood on the Saddle at Yahoo! Shopping
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The History of Rock Music. Blood On The Saddle: biography, discography, reviews, links
Ultimate guide to Blood On The Saddle: biography, discography, reviews, links ... I Blood On The Saddle sono il gruppo cow-punk di Los Angeles che porto` l'insegnamento di Hank ... I brani di Blood On The Saddle ( New Alliance, 1984) sono sguaiate ...

Blood on the Saddle
... eut l'idée, en été 1981, de créer BLOOD ON THE SADDLE (il était, à l'époque, guitariste au sein ... atlantique n'a pas oublié BLOOD ON THE SADDLE. Regonflé à bloc, il ...

Blood on the Saddle
Blood on the Saddle. I trailed you from Mystic down into Greenwich. On a path that felt so cold. I caught the scent in Jersey there by the seashore. Where you spent one night alone. You thought you could fool me and go to Grand Coulee ... After the Battle there was blood on the saddle. and the leather wouldn't ...

The Hunter's Life Forums - "BLOOD ON THE SADDLE"
... There was blood on the saddle and blood on the ground, And a great big puddle of blood all around. Oh, the cowboy lay in it, all covered with ...

Blood on the saddle im Strohalm
... BLOODONTHESADDLE. Nachdem der Punk im Jahr 1975 in New York geboren wurde und im ... mit Ron Botelho und Hermann Senac gründeten sie Blood On The Saddle ...

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blood on the saddle
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Flesh & Blood Blood on the Saddle
Flesh & Blood Blood on the Saddle, Punk, new vinyl, LP, One Million $

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