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An almost cleaned up version of the Bert bin Laden page (911)
Search N!kke's Index. An almost cleaned up version of the Bert bin Laden page. 04/14 2003 - ... Since the Bert bin Laden page is still, after all this time, by far the most acessed on ... to laugh at. The Bert bin Laden aka Evil Bert mystery resolved ...

Bert Hellinger International - Das virtuelle Bert Hellinger Institut
copyright 2004 Das Virtuelle Bert Hellinger Institut. -

Bert; Trend Watcher Bert Goes Places. This is the IPv4 variety of the site. You'll see turtles if you come here using IPv6. Join the Read by Bert Certification Program. Bert went to. and yes... these are all links....) San Francisco (NANOG31) ... Site Creation by Bert's Secretary at the Secret Working group office ...

Bert's blog
Wednesday, June 30. This is only a test... If this had been a real emergency, I would be really freaking scared right now. posted by Bert |12:52 PM | CommentTuesday, June 22. Dear Customer,

Bert Monroy
Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy and, new for CS, Commercial Photoshop with Bert Monroycan be purchased at

Good Bye Bert
10.11.01. I have taken down the "Bert is Evil!"site from my server. I would like to thank Sesame Workshop for their patience and restraint all these years. ... implore all fans and mirror site hosts of "Bert is Evil" to stop the spread of this site ...

Wired News: Osama Has a New Friend
Wired News. Wire service news & photos. Animations. Wired Magazine. HotBot (the Web) Osama Has a New Friend. By Declan McCullagh | Also by this reporterPage 1 of 1. 07:18 AM Oct. 10, 2001 PT. WASHINGTON -- Evil Bert, meet Evil Osama. ... of freak-humor websites will recall the infamous "Bert is Evil" page, a shrine to the gourd-like ...

BERT IS EVIL - The Only Official Evil Portal
We have evidence to believe that Bert from Sesame Street is Evil. You'll a find an ongoing stream of evidence that seems to prove this case ... This site is a parody on the Sesamestreet character "Bert" and has nothing to do with the original Sesamestreet ...

bert jansch | official website
updated 3.06.04. updated 3.06.04. updated 1.04.04. STOP PRESS. Jazz Café show Cambridge and Edinburgh festivals new gigs. Lots of new gigs on the live info page as well as Bert's appearances at Cambridge Folk Festival ( ... Hall, Edinburgh 0131 668 2019), Bert is playing a one-off show ...

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Bert Is Evil!)
... Bert Is Evil! Claim: Bert, the Sesame Street muppet, appears on posters carried by supporters of ...

Home Page of Bert Bos
Home Page of Bert Bos. Books. Photos. Software. Essays. Temperature. Contact. Java clock. HTML/XML utilities. shuffle. mp3tag. dj1000. thumbnails/RDF. plan/vCalendar [> larger picture] ... Hakon Wium Lie & Bert Bos. Addison-Wesley (Harlow, England, etc ... - Foxlife - Bin Laden's Felt-Skinned Henchman?
Bin Laden's Felt-Skinned Henchman? Sunday, October 14, 2001By Michael Y. Park. BACKGROUND. NEW YORK Do the global terror links reach even as far as Sesame Street? Is Bert the Muppet a henchman of terrorist mastermind Usama bin Laden? ... in which bin Laden and Bert are standing next to each other ...

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