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Bad Machine
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Bad Machine (2)
Bad Machine. Bad Machine is a piece of interactive fiction I wrote. Or, if you like, it's a text adventure. I wrote it in TADS. If you want to play it, you'll need an interpreter.

IF-Review: Deus Ex Machine
IF-Review. Earn ! Current Review. Game List. Author List. Reviewer List. Recent Reviews. Deus Ex Machine. Review by: Sam Kabo Ashwell. Game: Bad Machine. By: Dan Shiovitz. Related Links. Game file (FI) Game file (UK) Game file (US) Game file (AU) ... The first thing you notice about BAD_MACHINE is that everything looks like code ...

Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Adventure: Text Adventures: Bad Machine
... newsgroups posts about Bad Machine. Bad Machine - Author's page for the game ... Deus Ex Machine - Review with spoilers. " Overall, Bad Machine is excellent, most so not ...

Bad Machine
... Tell me when this page is updated. Bad Machine, Oranssi 11.1.2002 ... Repe. LittleBeast. Bad Machine. Bad Machine. Ade. Andy Hellhole. Bad Machine ...

Bad Machine : A Walkthrough
Bad Machine Walkthrough. One possible walkthrough for Dan Shiovitz's interactive fiction "Bad Machine". Introduction. This is a walkthrough to the "Lifter" ending of Dan Shiovitz's magnificent "Bad Machine".

Bad Machine
Search the Guide. Authors/People. Game Series. IF-Related Links. Credits/Volunteers. Turn off tables (requires cookies) Bad Machine. Genre: Science Fiction. Released: 1998. Review: This is one of those games that you just have to see to understand. ... In a vast, hivelike robotic factory, a malfunctioning machine struggles to avoid being being captured and reprogrammed ...

Michael Katon Bad Machine
Get your "Bad Machine" here. 1 American McMofo. 2 Rock n Roll, Whiskey, Blood n Guts. 3 The Pierced, Tattooed and Twenty Somethin Boogie. 4 Bad Machine. 5 Sugar Pie. 6 Red Moon Risin. 7 Wild Ass. 8 The Lost T.V. ... and my Bad Machine. Yeah my Bad Machine, my Bad Machine. Yeah my Bad Machine I gotta ...

Bad Machine
BAD MACHINE. Kontakti: Andy Hellhole, Tähkäkuja 5 G 89, 01370 Vantaa. Puh: 041 - 5252560. Musiikkinäytteet: E-mail. www-sivut. Kuvittele mitä syntyy kun neljä bad machinea laitetaan samaan kellariloukkoon? ... BAD MACHINE syntyi keväällä -99 ja tämä kokoonpano on vöyhkännyt vuosituhannen lopusta ...

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Jetty demo: Bad Machine
This is a demo of the Jetty applet running my game, Bad Machine. It takes a little time to load the gamefile after the applet appears, so please be patient. Back to the main Jetty page or my homepage. :

Bad Machine
... Bad Machine. Discography. Bad Machine. Too Tolling Stoned. Rock And Roll Band ... one's equally divided between barn-burners ("Bad Machine," "That's Money") and more polished, midtempo ...

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