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netMusicZone Audio Kollaps Hardcore - Heavy - Industrial
... AUDIO KOLLAPS gründete sich im Herbst 1998 in Hannover aus den Überresten von "Recharge", nachdem ... Kommenden April wird das erste AUDIO KOLLAPS Album in Örebrö / Schweden unter ...

AUDIO KOLLAPS - Ultima Ratio | | rezensionen - Das Heavy Metal Online Mag - tägliche Updates seit 1999!

Back Again - Audio Kollaps
BACK AGAIN: PUNK. AUDIO KOLLAPS Ultima Ratio (CD 2002) ( Epistrophy Records) KONTAKT ZU DEN AUTOREN: (A.P.) = Alexander Pohle (H.H.) = Haiko Herden. - ... Die Band AUDIO KOLLAPS hat sich Ende 1998 in Hannover gegründet ...

Audio Kollaps - Extreme Music from Hanover / Germany
Audio Kollaps: Extreme Music from Hanover / Germany

... AUDIO KOLLAPS / WOLFBRIGADE. split. Epistrophy Records / RFA. 2000 / EPI028. AUDIO KOLLAPS. RFA " Schwadronen des Todes" ...

Audio Kollaps Website
Audio Kollaps: Extreme Music from Hannover / Germany

Epistrophy Bands- Audio Kollaps
Epistrophy Records: Hardcore Punk and more ... AUDIO KOLLAPS was founded in 1998 by 3 members of RECHARGE ... an extreme sick world" will be released in 2004. Audio Kollaps Website: AUDIO KOLLAPS / ...

Audio Kollaps "Ultima Ratio" Cd
Audio Kollaps "Ultima Ratio" Cd .00. Hell yeah! this is what I've been needing. ... this is what I've been needing. Germany's Audio Kollaps execute a form of grind that sounds like it ... of the bands listed above, Audio Kollaps will be an eye opening ...

Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps Split 7"
Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps. Split 7" .00 " Wolfbrigade is Wolfpack. And I don't' think they mind people making that conclusion, since the name practically begs for it to be noticed. ... down anything ever released by these guys! And Audio Kollaps complete this package with a sound that reminds me of ...

Audio Kollaps - The Official Website!
Audio Kollaps: Extreme Music from Hannover / Germany

Audio Kollaps Sound Files
Audio Kollaps: Extreme Music from Hannover / Germany

... Oh Oh dachte ich AUDIOKOLLAPS... das muss wohl Deutsachpunk sein ... Aber bei AUDIOKOLLAPS weht ein ganz anderer Wind ...

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