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ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER- THE PEN & THE SWORD(CD-MAD BUTCHERMBC 003) Så här skall det låta menar jag. Efter att ha hört på Poems....igår så lyssnade jag på denna samling idag och det är så här jag vill ha Attila.

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... All this material appears with the permission of Attila the Stockbroker ... Zero Tolerance', Attila's new album with Barnstormer, will be released in April 2004 ...

Yahoo! Groups : attila
... Group for discussion of the poetry and music of Attila The Stockbroker. Also used for announcement of web site updates ... What's that dog doing on the pitch? --- Attila the Stockbroker ...

Discografi Attila The Stockbroker
Køb CD'er/bøger fra Attila ] ¤ [ Til forsiden ] Besøg hans officielle site: DISCOGRAFI. 1981 Phasing Out Capitalism cassette (No Wonder) 1982 Rough, Raw and Ranting EP with Seething Wells (Radical Wallpaper)

Attila The Stockbroker Bootlegs
ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER BOOTLEGS. Date. Title. Location. Info. Artwork. 1992. Fleece & Firkin. Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, UK. 12th January 1998. The Logo, Hamburg. The Logo, Hamburg, Germany. 17th May 2003. Attila & Rovics At Stripes

Attila the Stockbroker : Ancient History
ANCIENT HISTORY. Text of the sleeve notes for my spoken word CD 'Poems Ancient and Modern' An Ancient History Of Attila The Stockbroker. So how did it all begin? ... did my first gig as Attila the Stockbroker on September 24th 1980, supporting Harlow punks The ...

Attila the Stockbroker's NEW Homepage
Attila the Stockbroker's NEW Homepage; all other sites are outdated ... Ancient History of Attila The Stockbroker. Online CD and Book sales available via Townsend Records and by cheque ... CD OUT NOW! ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER - LIVE IN BELFAST Released 17 ...

Attila The Stockbroker Tickets
Comprehensive and up-to-date guide to What's On in the UK, including live music, clubs, cinema, comedy and theatre. Also available on WAP mobile phones. ... Attila The Stockbroker. Attila The Stockbroker - The original punk poet guaranteeing an anarchic ... band for the original punk poet Attila the Stockbroker. An anarchic evening's ...

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Attila The Stockbroker
ordering information. Attila The Stockbroker full shopping section. Zero Tolerance. His third album with his band Barnstormer, released March 2004. 1 Death Of A Salesman 2 Baghdad Ska 3 Baghdad Dub 4 Hey, Celebrity! ... for much more info and the official word... Attila The Stockbroker website ...

Guardian | Attila the Stockbroker
Glastonbury voices. Attila the Stockbroker. Poet, comic, musician, and Glastonbury institution. Interview by Chris Binding. Monday May 26, 2003. The Guardian. I've performed in the Cabaret Marquee at nearly every Glastonbury there has been since 1982. ... More info, poems, MP3s from Attila at ...

... ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER. Social surrealist multi-instrumentalist hardcore wandering minstrel...sharptongued radical ... a sixteenth century troubadour. Attila has spent the last 23 years ...

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