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LHCMA Nuclear History Database: Section HO225
... Records held at the Public Record Office Kew. UK Atomic Energy Authority records: ... considerations affecting a points system for the allocation of space in public shelters; report. ...

Snayle Records - Punk, Ska, HC, Swing at it's best!
... 27.01.2001. Atomic Shelters. No Base, Blunt. Case à Chocs, Neuchâtel NE ... 17.08.2001. It Depends. Atomic Shelters. Atomic Shelters Bandroom, Neuchâtel ...

Konzert vom 08.02.02 in Bülach
08.02.2002: TrAsh, Kulturschopf, Bülach: HoaXcore, Atomic Shelters, Outrage4Independence. Treffpunkt Bülach Bahnhof gegen 18:00 Uhr. Zum ersten Mal war auch Snayle Records Andy (ex-Scalawax) auch dabei. ... Diese Begründung konnte die Jungs von Atomic Shelters wohl verstehen, doch nicht einhalten ...

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Attlee's secret shelters against atomic war
... Attlee's secret shelters against atomic war. Special report: freedom of information ... The government's register of shelters consisted of five closely typed pages listing more than 150 ...

... Two underground shelters (50-man capacity), one open and one closed, were exposed to Apple I shot ... auth) EFFECTS OF AT ATOMIC EXPLOSION ON GROUP AND FAMILY TYPE SHELTERS ...

... and called on people to build their own atomic shelters (I had a friend who built one in ... The "atomic shelters" were a joke since normally you assembled in a ...

When bomb shelters were all the rage
Comment on this Story. Email this story. Life in Michigan. Nuclear air raid drills were part of everyday life for schoolchildren in the late 1940s and early '50s. ... Ordinary Americans built bomb shelters in their backyards, often hiding them from their neighbors ... suggestions on how to survive an atomic attack. Trailers and portable exhibits were ...

[Atomic Shelters] - Official Site
This site's the official one of a punk-ska band. They will rock your ears!! ... Domain name and web hosting for by V3 ...

Welcome to the Official Atomic Shelters Website!
The official website of a Swiss Ska-Punk band. Stay a moment here! I'm sure they gonna rock your ears!!!

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter Featuring Scenes from The Atomic Cafe
an irreverent journey on-line.

Hugo Gernsback's Atomic Shelter Folly 1962
... Atomic shelters, in view of the above, are as absurd as were medieval fortified castles after the advent ... denounced the concept of fallout shelters. Atomic shelters are a trap and ...

Atomic Shelters-5 Song Demo
... the vocals also playing a large part. Atomic Shelters are very adapt at playing different styles of music ... bass-laden bands such as Atomic Shelters hold a special place in ...

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