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Atomic Bomb: Decision
Atomic Bomb: Decision This site contains documents which chronicle the decision-making process of the use of the atomic bomb in World War II. Some of the primary sources include radio speeches, ...

frontline: russian roulette: atomic suitcase bombs
In 1997, the public became aware of a Russian nuclear device they had not known even existed--the so-called suitcase bomb. These devices were made for the Soviet KGB. ... One of these bombs had an explosive charge of one kiloton, equivalent to one thousand tons of TNT ... home . atomic suitcase bombs . a close call? ...

atomic bomb
... Atomic bombs have been designed by students, but their actual construction is a complex industrial ... Practical fissionable nuclei for atomic bombs are the isotopes uranium-235 and ...

The History of the Atomic Bomb
Albert Einstein and other scientists told Roosevelt of Nazi Germany efforts to build an atomic bomb - the United States Government began the Manhattan Project that produced the first atomic bomb. ... issue to be addressed in making of an atomic bomb was the production of ample amounts of "enriched ... popular notion that one day atomic bombs would be used in mining ... Explore the History, Science, and Consequences of the Atomic Bomb
The Atomic Archive explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb - a crucial turning point for all mankind. Follow a timeline that takes you down the path of our ... of historical photographs, animations and interactive models of the first atomic bombs ...

Damages Caused by Atomic Bombs
Damages Caused by Atomic Bombs. The Manhattan Project. The United States concealed its project to develop an atomic bomb under the name "Manhattan Engineer District."

Howstuffworks "How Nuclear Bombs Work"
Nuclear weapons are the most serious looming threat in just about any major conflict. Learn what gives nuclear bombs such immense power and what the long-term dangers are. ... Introduction to How Nuclear Bombs Work. Physics of Nuclear Devices ... You have probably read in history books about the atomic bombs used in World War II ...

Atomic force and bombs
Created 1996 by Georges Kohnen & Patrick Schmitz. Atomic force and bombs. Introduction. The 20th Century has been the century of technological revolution, and so also the Century of Nuclear Power. ... History of Atomic force. Vocabulary. Principles of Atomic Bombs. The Manhattan project ...

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Atomic Bombs
About the Atomic Bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ... History - Atomic Bombs. Navigate ... expanding collection of documents on the decision to use the first atomic bombs, and Szilard's attempts to prevent this ...

A-Bomb WWW Museum ~ June,1995
... with prayers, thoughts, and messages of peace down the rivers in commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima ... Little Boy were far stronger than bombs which they had seen before ...

Korean War FAQ Korean War History Korean War History Korean War FAQ
... US generals actively considered the use of Atomic Bombs from the very beginning, even before China intervened ... we need to have some atomic bombs too". In 1964, China exploded its ...

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