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INFORMATIONAL BULLETIN NO. 97-10. ANTIFREEZE. Reproduced with permission of The California Integrated Waste Management Board. What is Antifreeze? Antifreeze, made up of mainly water and ethylene glycol, is added to radiator water in motor vehicles. ... be taken to store new antifreeze safely and also to dispose of used antifreeze properly. ...

PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze
PEAK Performance Products include retail antifreeze, heavy duty antifreeze, antifreeze that's safer for use around children and animals, windshield wash, and rv & marine antifreeze. ... Select Another Product. PEAK Antifreeze. PEAK Ready Use. PEAK Global Ext ... All Weather Wash. RV & Marine Antifreeze. Ultra Melt. Advance Antifreeze ...

DivX AntiFreeze
DivX AntiFreeze. Background. Download. Q and A. Background. Sometimes video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. Theoretically player should recover from the problem, but it doesn't. ... permanently until clip position is manually changed (by moving position slider). DivX AntiFreeze avoids such freezings. ...

StaClean Antifreeze
Antifreeze sales Central California Diesel Electric Generators - Providers of home electric and commercial power generators and Sta Clean antifreeze ... Sta-Clean Antifreeze is the product of this expertise, combining Sta-Clean's custom formulated inhibitor ... Sta-Clean Antifreeze has a proven track record of superior performance in ...

ANTIFREEZE. HAZARDOUS CONSTITUENT. POSSIBLE EFFECTS. ETHYLENE GLYCOL. Poisons animals, who are attracted to the sweet smell; can cause damage to internal organs through skin absorption; inhalation can cause dizziness ... inhalation can cause dizziness. Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol which is poisonous when ingested ... Manufacturers of antifreeze are required to clearly post dangers on the label ...

Official Site for the Punk Band Antifreeze
This is the Official Site for the Punk Rock Band Antifreeze.

Antifreeze Poisoning
Antifreeze Poisoning. Antifreeze Poisoning. Every year, by some estimates, about 10,000 dogs and cats are victims of accidental poisoning by automobile antifreeze. A pet does not have to drink a lot of antifreeze to be poisoned. - Antifreeze
Leading marketer, distributor and producer of quality automotive products and services presents a site filled with product information, car care articles, racing news, sweepstakes and an e-store. ... MaxLife antifreeze is designed to fight scale and corrosion in vehicles with over 75,000 miles ... MaxLife antifreeze/coolant uses the highest quality virgin ethylene glycol for freeze ...

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... ANTIFREEZE RECYCLINGBest Environmental Practices for Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance l l ... 1999Why recycle antifreeze?Dumping waste antifreeze may be illegal: waste antifreeze may ...
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INFORMATION ANTIFREEZE. Arpadis Antifreeze is a cooling and antifreeze agent based on monoethyleneglycol (MEG), that has been produced to correspond with the newest watercooled motors.

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Antifreeze. A solution freezes at a lower temperature than a pure solvent. For example, any solute added to water will lower its freezing point. ... solutions and is the principle behind automobile antifreeze. Automobiles with water-cooled engines use antifreeze to protect the cooling system ...

SIERRA Antifreeze Home Page
Sierra Antifreeze is the antifreeze that's safer for people, pets and wildlife AND still provides excellent engine protection. ... SIERRA Antifreeze/Coolant is a premium quality, propylene glycol (PG) based antifreeze that provides engine protection comparable ...

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